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Military Family Vehicle Donation Program

MFVD Application Form

Program History

For the past eleven (11) years, LaMettry Collision has been partnering with Mr. Bob Ayotte of the Chanhassen Beyond The Yellow Ribbon Program to present twelve (12) completely refurbished vehicles at no cost to veterans and veteran’s families who have demonstrated a need for a vehicle.

The vehicles are initially donated by an auto insurance company that has totaled them out as the result of motor vehicle crashes. LaMettry Collision, in cooperation with other partners who donate materials and parts, has restored these vehicles to a near-new condition before they are donated. They provide all of the labor and title transfer costs.

Bob Ayotte has been providing the names of potential recipients with Lamettry making the final decision on who receives the vehicle. Bob’s health has not been the greatest in the past year. He was looking for a replacement. This is where the VFW comes in.

Cmdr. Dale Hoogeveen brought this program to the attention of the MN VFW Charitable Association. It was discussed at the Association’s meeting during the recent VFW Midwinter Conference. 

During the Council of Administration meeting, a motion was made and passed by the Council that the VFW partner with LaMettry Collision. The MN VFW Charitable Association will act on behalf of the VFW to gather names of potential recipients to pass on to LaMettry Collision.

It will be the responsibility of the Charitable Association to solicit names, meet to select at least five (5) potential candidates and pass those names on to LaMettry Collision.

This is where each VFW post comes in. You are the focal point in your community for veterans. Look in your community for veterans who need assistance; who need a vehicle for everyday life; who need a vehicle to help them in their community volunteer activities.

I ask that each post as well as the District pick up one copy of the Military Family Vehicle Donation application form and the handout on the Military Family Vehicle Donation Program. Make as many copies as you need.

Here is the timetable for this year:

o   Application mailed no later than February 15, 2023

o   Charitable Association will review and send potential candidates by March 1, 2023

o   LaMettry Collision will award the next vehicle in May 2023.


Questions, contact:         Ken Schroepfer, President, MN VFW Charitable Assoc.

 Phone: 651-206-3693,   email: